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I’ve started doing my own book covers! Who knew?!
On May 12, 2016 | 0 Comments

I’ll be whipping up my OWN next four book covers, and it happened totally by a fluke!

My boyfriend has been helping me with my promotional ads and covers recently. But as patient and wonderful as he’s been, sometimes I feel bad asking him to do his job even when he’s home; and other times, I need things before he can get them to me. So I started to play around with my own memes and announcements for newsletters and social media. Then I thought that maybe with some cool photos and poses, could I create book covers? I loved it!

Book Covers

I certainly am not Claudia McKinney over at Phatpuppy Art (who is AH-mazing), and I am nowhere near my boyfriend’s level. Buuuut, I think I do well enough for my covers to be respectable and intriguing, with enough detailed lighting to pique intrigue. I’ve spent some time scanning the book covers of indie authors selling on Amazon, as well as a handful of web sites for cover creators. And I must say that some of the material is not that impressive. Some of the photos look harsh, cheap and thrown together with little to no thought about the compilation or what the images convey. Again, I am no maestro AT ALL, but I am flabbergasted at what some authors are uploading to Amazon with no shame! And the books sell!


Later down the road, I just might sell you a book cover if you’re interested! My creative head loves pulling together elements like lighting and text on provocative images. But again, I’m no maestro! That’s why the price will be cheap! 😉 Gotta write now!



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