The Invisible Queen
The Invisible Queen. Third book of the Hope & Dinah series.
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In The Invisible Queen, Dinah’s reign begins with how to control the contamination on Earth.

The Invisible Queen

Dinah is one of the ancestors of Earth. She is also a decider of its fate.

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This is the third book of the Hope and Dinah series, and yes I’m killing myself to get all of this done, but this powerful story is so worth it. Here’s a sample scene from the upcoming novel The Invisible Queen, which denotes the notion of women all over the world, at every socio-economic level, who carry a lot of power inside them and yet are still so powerless. Even though I’m releasing my second and third books, I’m still tweaking as I go and would love to have YOUR feedback, suggestions and thoughts! I would be so grateful! Talk to me in the comment section below, or email me at And I REALLY hope I’m writing with such sparkle that you want to stay updated on my list (gasp- you knew it was coming)! I promise not to spam; I’m lucky if I can get them out once a month, maaaaybe once a week when new releases are coming.

You’ve got me interested!

The Invisible Queen Book Excerpt

The two of them met again, both of them floating. Hope watched a dark silhouette step out of the wide river of white and gold light that stretched in both directions, as far as Hope’s eyes could see. The foreign magical girl wasn’t a fireball this time, but golden dust shaped like a human. She was surrounded by a trail of the tiny globes and spheres Hope had seen over Bam’s head and Angel’s head. The closer she approached, the better Hope could see her, a shiny bronzed, young warrior.
Her ice blue dress billowed for many yards behind her. She floated close to Hope, stopping just a foot away. Her eyes gleamed deep and large as big amber jewels that glistened, holding fiery galaxies inside them. The girl’s bronzed dust reached out to her side, forming her hand. Several of the tiny globes Hope had seen before came near. They floated forward and gathered above the girl’s hand. Hope saw the spheres grow several times larger. In them, Hope saw images, only this time, the images were large enough that Hope could see what was in them. Hope saw images of people dressed in old clothes—from another time, maybe the early 1900s—being shot, execution-style. The globes switched to show people, bloodied, lying in piles. They were at the bottom of some place that Hope could not recognize. They looked dead. Hope turned from the images to stare at the girl. The girl’s face looked determined.
The globes switched around and produced yet more images for Hope. Hope saw Bam’s face.
Hope then saw into Bam’s eyes. Through Bam’s pupils, into a tunnel, and then a cave, was a small, flickering flame. The flame lit the cave, where Hope saw empty cupboards, an undecorated, barren Christmas tree, a dark house lit only by candles, small hands rubbing together, a young woman being beaten and then lying unconscious on the floor, naked. The spheres showed an object that traveled very fast, a long, never-ending object. Hope kept looking to see what it was. Steel wheels. Rusty ridges shaped like boxes. A train. Hope saw the front of it, coming right toward her. Just as it almost hit her, the spheres switched to another place, and Hope saw the butt of a gun, as if she were holding it, its long barrel stretched out, with a man on the other side of it. It opened fire. Hope saw the bullet tear out, shaking the barrel and blast toward the man’s head, where it entered. A slight piece of his brain gushed out of the hole in his skin before he fell to the ground.
Numerous clear, glowing spheres began to stack up and form a sort of wall, which began to stretch out and circle around them, every sphere filled with images. They were not white or gold this time, but clear, like bubbles. The girl moved her eyes, and from some place behind them, came a blue and white hazy light. Then the girl herself began to flicker, as she turned to a cloud of dust that remained in the shape of a human form. Specks from the girl, blue and white, began to float toward the wall. Hope watched as the girl remained floating in front of her while pieces of her spread out, toward the massive wall of clear images. As the tiny blue and white specks of dust moved, they flickered, as if carrying electricity. They reached the clear globes forming the wall, and she began to form a wall. Lined up next to one another, her blue and white specks of dust flashed and flickered in front of Hope. She looked like a tall cloud of lightening. As her blue and white flashing wall faced the clear wall of images, the wall slowly began to change color, from clear and reflecting the darkness to calm, glowing blue. The girl’s light spread from her own wall to the other wall, changing the other wall, from images of violence and disturbance to tranquil peace. The girl then disintegrated from her wall and floated toward Hope, still flashing specks of electricity and glowing blue and white, and she circled around Hope.
Hope began to feel tiny pricks shooting through the inside of her, all over her skin, swirling in her lungs, stomach, and inside of her head. Hope felt light, like nothing, and at the same time, regenerated. An engine revved up in her head. She wanted to shoot forward. Her eyes opened. She lay in her bed.
The sun wasn’t out yet, and the alarm clock read 3:31 a.m. Underneath Hope’s own door and across the hallway, she heard Mama and Daddy’s hushed voices, and saw the sliver of light from behind their closed bedroom. Hope’s thoughts came quick and fleeting, from Bam standing right outside their house a few hours ago to all she had seen in the dream. The girl had shown her Bam’s mind, and the pieces of Bam’s life in those images. All the clear globes that had surrounded his head, were his entire existence. And it followed him wherever he went. Hope remembered how the girl transformed to a cloud of tiny specks herself and then her power had spread across the clear, transparent globes, changing all the millions of their dark images, illuminating them with light. The girl had revealed the darkness inside Bam Bam to Hope. He had been hungry as a child, he had indeed murdered someone. But he was afraid of trains. Trains produced electricity.


What did you think of The Invisible Queen excerpt? Love it? Hate it? I shouldn’t quit my day job? Let me know! Please stay connected and get on the list!

You’ve got me interested!

**For all you Dark Knight fans, yes, you are correct that this music is Hans Zimmer’s “On Thin Ice” from the movie! He is my favorite composer, and I write to his scores nearly everyday.

Tanesha Yancy Posted May 14, 2016 at5:13 pm   Reply

You’re off to a great start. Very intruiging. “Hope” is repeated a lot, cut back and use other words (her,she). First paragraph maybe revise to “over Bam and Angel’s head”. Otherwise awesome read 🙂

Shannon Posted May 23, 2016 at2:08 pm   Reply

Thank you for taking the time to review it! If you’re a scifi fan and interested in an advanced review copy, I’d be happy to send you one and get your thoughts.

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