The Invisible War – Book Two

The Invisible War is the second book in the Hope & Dinah young adult science fiction series.  The Invisible War

The Invisible War

The first book of the series, Hope Defined, introduces you to Dinah, who desperately searches to know who humans are. Meanwhile, here on Earth, Hope confronts the viciousness of humanity.

In The Invisible War, a deadly enemy is poisoning Dinah’s kingdom, and is turning the Scions against one another. She has to find the infiltrator, or the realm will collapse. On Earth, Hope, Angel, Gracie and Li’l Jay are forced into a face-off that rips their town apart. Hope’s work as a young astrophysicist is eclipsed by the terror of gang warfare, and Angel’s simmering jealousy. We journey deeper into the complicated lives of these very different teenagers. Hope and Dinah live in two separate universes, but as their worlds collide, they will finally confront their common enemy.

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