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Hope Defined: Dream Realized

Hope thought her inventions would bring her violent community of Opal Lake together, and give her neighbors the safety they’ve always wanted. Instead, the neighboring town of Crystal Cross is taking over, buying up the property, and using Hope’s inventions to put longtime residents out. Crystal Cross has its own plans for Opal Lake. As residents choose who stays and who goes, the historic community that’s been around for a hundred and fifty years divides into the “haves” and “have nots.”

Even at Hope’s school in Crystal Cross, officials are getting tough. They will only allow the “good” kids from Opal Lake to stay at their privileged school, while the “bad” kids must go. Hope won’t have to deal with Gwen, Angel or Ivy anymore. When they are removed, Hope is happy that she will finally have peace. But Hope doesn’t realize the “Hopeless Case” conspiracy never died. The more successful she becomes, the more they hate her. They want to see Hope lose everything, even if it means her life.

Dinah has discovered how the worlds are connected. Now if she can just keep the Sicha from crossing them, so that Hope can have a chance…

Glories of the Snow: Water On Fire

Glory of the Snow is a flower that loves the cold and beautifies stony places, only growing among rocks and under trees. If you are on the rocks and you are worthy, a Glory just might beautify you.

It started in 1634, when spirited wife and mother, Anne Hutchinson, arrived on the shores of the New World fresh from England, with her educated mind and bold talk of following God and not laws. When people all over Boston started gathering at her home, the men of Massachusetts Bay Colony knew they had to shut her up.

When Anne was banished, women up and down the seaboard knew fully well that she had committed no crime. It became clear they would have no voice, and the promises of freedom, leadership and finance would go to men only. How would they carve out a place for themselves in the new country?

In the year 2013, when law student Francesca “Frankie” Dawson reports the mayor’s sexual indiscretions, he crushes her dreams of being a district attorney before he goes on to become Governor. Unable to get a job and her family’s house in foreclosure, her life is on the rocks when a strange woman visits, and offers her an opportunity. Frankie could get her life back, and the power to avenge herself. The only thing she need give in return? Loyalty.

Three hundred and eighty years after Anne, the most lethal women’s club on Earth had effectively protected the balance of power, much the way they had acquired everything else in history— keeping their eyes low and their mouths shut.

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