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VOTE: Who would you read in the young adult dystopian spinoff?
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Which character from the young adult dystopian action novel The Invisible War interests you most?

The Invisible War and The Invisible Queen are the second and third books of the Hope and Dinah series. They launch in the next few weeks, and I’ve given you excerpts from both of those. I’m also going to write a spinoff novella on one of the supporting characters! In 48 hours! You read that right! But YOU choose which character will star! So, check out these teens from the Hope & Dinah series and tell me who is worth your time! Put your answer in the comments below or post it to the Facebook comment box!

Who’s the most interesting for a Hope & Dinah young adult dystopian spinoff?

young adult dystopian

Supporting players in The Invisible War

A. Gracie – Rebel. Mathematics wiz and a techie, smart-aleck, gutsy, ideologue and social activist who wants to fix the world. Comes from the same upper middle class community as Caitlin, but she hates her privilege. Loves barbecue, sour candy, black boys (and sometimes girls). Sneaks out at night when her mother goes to bed and knows how to rig the house alarm.

B. Angel – Independent. A grown woman in a teenager’s body. Secretive, heads up her own clique, laid-back until she thinks someone is testing her. She has little tolerance for lame girls or softies. School bores her. Convinces everyone she’s hard and doesn’t care, but inside, she’s restless and dissatisfied being the second of five kids. So she falls for an older guy, the most feared guy in town. She’s so not the person you would expect to see in young adult dystopian.

C. Caitlin – Spoiled. Wealthy, beautiful, privileged and unstoppable, Caitlin never met a mind game she didn’t like. Smart with excellent grades, has an athletic and competitive streak. Her mother died of cancer, and her father is a respected architect who’s busy designing skyscrapers and cities. Leaving her to her own whims. Slightly ruthless and needy for attention, she gets what she wants, and doesn’t apologize.

D. Li’l Jay – Entertainer. Funny, prankster, doesn’t go anywhere without his headphones. He’s always the funniest guy in the room. But impatient. He wants it all, and his mother can’t afford it. So he turns to illegal ways of getting quick money, and now he’s taken it too far. He needs Hope’s help. Musically inclined, his dream is to be a DJ and have a radio show. If he survives his current situation first. Is he your next young adult dystopian novella hero?

Once the votes are in, I will send you the winner AND I will also send you a FREE copy of the completed novella, AND sample chapters from The Invisible War and The Invisible Queen. NO SPAM. NONE.

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